Philanthropic foods: good food and a good cause

If you’re a UC Berkeley student, then there are probably few things that you like better than good food and a good cause. When you can find quality food that also allows you to give back, that’s when the real magic happens. So we’ve compiled a list of foods that all
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Alice Waters hands UC President Janet Napolitano a symbolic basket with eggs in it

Napolitano announces UC initiative to address food issues

UC President Janet Napolitano announced the launch of the UC Global Food Initiative Tuesday morning, detailing the UC system’s plan to expand food education, maximize sustainable farming practices and reduce hunger at the university, national and global levels.
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A vegetarian’s and vegan’s guide to Berkeley

People may choose to avoid meat and dairy for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the Berkeley stereotype that we are all crazy liberals and members of a vegan cult, it can be difficult to find vegetarian and vegan options to suit those who prefer a meatless diet. That’s why we here at Clog have decided
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The Berkeley Student Food Collective powers through summer

Berkeley’s normally bustling student population disappears from the campus during the summer, as students return to their homes, study abroad or greet sandy beach vacations. The city’s independent businesses, once faced with long lines that stretched out the door now face hardship from the loss of customers and struggle to make profit. The Berkeley
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Food: A right or a privilege?

Food access is a right. Does UC Berkeley make this right a privilege? As communications director at the Berkeley Student Food Collective, I have had the opportunity and privilege of learning about food systems, managing a small-scale nonprofit and working with UC Berkeley administrators and surrounding communities to foster an
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