CalSuhhhhh: Overheard conversations

It all started on a Thursday afternoon when a super-tan, Izod polo-wearing, lime green Hydroflask-sporting gentleman with a CalSO nametag around his neck found an open spot among the zoo on Memorial Glade. He opened a bag of chips and tapped the person next to him, who was wearing the
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Michael Drummond/Staff

UC Berkeley students: we’re 1 of a kind

The term “Berkeley bubble” exists for a reason. When you go back home and step back into the real world, you realize that some instinctive Berkeley habits may be out of place or simply unacceptable. Here’s a sampling of things that would fail to make you bat an eyelash at UC
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Urban Dictionary: UC Berkeley edition

Since 1999, has served to educate us about the colloquial vernacular used throughout the years. As students at UC Berkeley, we have experiences that are unique and particular to our community and social climate (aka, this place is oftentimes referred to as “Berzerkeley” for a reason). Said experiences have inspired
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Why you’re late to class: Excuses and the real reasons behind them

Even though we have the gracious blessing that is Berkeley time, sometimes those 10 extra minutes still aren’t enough to accommodate our tardiness. Between challenging UC Berkeley-level classes, extracurriculars, work, our social lives and occasionally sleep, time management is no easy task. So we can’t help that we’re late sometimes. To
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Tony Zhou/Staff

If the Campanile were like Big Brother

Most of us have read the infamous book “1984” by George Orwell and wondered how awful our lives would be under Big Brother. Being the imaginative souls we are, we at the Clog decided to help you with your daydreams (daynightmares?) about intrusive governmental policies by giving you a list of ways
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Berkeley time’s time is up

Berkeley time appears to be a much-loved facet of campus culture. It is a saving grace that makes timekeeping and attendance somewhat casual, providing leeway for crossing the prodigious size of our campus, and the often-tight scheduling of classrooms. Berkeley time is treated as a civilized luxury, insulating students and
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9 challenges of being away from UC Berkeley

Now that summer has officially begun and most of you are back home or traveling, you’ll find that readjusting to life outside of the Berkeley bubble can be surprisingly challenging. Being away from Berkeley means that you can no longer depend on Bear Walk to take your drunken self home.
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Tips on surviving awkward Berkeley problems

As UC Berkeley students, we take comfort in the fact that we are all a big group of weird individuals. We share experiences and memories that transcend our majors and extracurriculars. Here are some problems we’ve all faced and can overcome together. You are never alone. Having a crush on
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What not to do when running late for class

Being fashionably late is not always a good thing.We all have those days when alarm clocks have no effect, and we hit the snooze button so many times it almost breaks. But if you find yourself running late to class, don’t make it worse for yourself — avoid doing these
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Berkeley through the eyes of an anthropologist

By the time senior year rolls around, we’ve all developed our own unique relationship with our school and the surrounding city. The units might remind us of freshman year, and La Burrita might evoke memories of late-night snacking. But how might a newbie freshman view our campus? Read our satirical
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