Here’s who you should vote for in the Berkeley Unified School District election

CITY AFFAIRS: In the upcoming November election, Berkeley voters will elect new directors to the Berkeley School Board. Here's our take.

The Berkeley Unified School District board provides much-needed oversight of the city’s public school system. This election season, Berkeley voters have the opportunity to elect three diverse and insightful voices to the board. Of all the candidates running for the board, Sinai, Brown and Alper are undoubtedly the most qualified. Here’s why.
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Berkeley Council of Classified Employees files lawsuit against Berkeley Unified School District

BCCE, which represents more than 600 classified, or nonteacher, employees working in BUSD, says BUSD violated section 45137 of the California Education Code by failing to prorate the hours of part-time employees who consistently work more than their assigned time. According to the lawsuit, BCCE is now petitioning the California Superior Court to compel BUSD to adjust records of hours and provide enhanced benefits accordingly.
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