Thoughts you have when revisiting high school

Chen Gong/File

No matter how many years it’s been since you graduated from high school, the majority of us have found ourselves revisiting these old, familiar grounds for many reasons. For some of us, these visits stem from nostalgic, bittersweet memories of old friends, while others miss the teachers that nurtured and taught them to
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Lessons of suffer-more year

Sophomore year, also termed as sophomore slump or even worse, suffer-more year, holds such a bitter reputation for many students. Exactly what is it about the second year of college that makes it so hard or so infamously miserable? Is it because after this year, you finally begin to realize that your college career is already halfway over? Or is it because you’re finally able to declare your major, and suddenly, the academics, extracurriculars and connections that you make really begin to matter? Nevertheless, it’s an inevitable path that students must take in order to receive that diploma at the end of four years. Despite the many hardships that seem to never end during this second year, when you reflect back on it, hopefully you’ll be able to appreciate this year as one that has taught and matured you the most.
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