Politics of Memorial Glade

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The weather is looking up, classes are winding down, and more and more people are spending time outside. It is almost summer, and we at the Clog speak for everyone when we say that it could not come soon enough. While we understand that you should enjoy the nice weather
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cal squirrel

Which type of Berkeley squirrel are you?

Berkeley, the land of endless studying, flyers and … squirrels! Yes, as we all know here at UC Berkeley, the squirrels on this campus are a problem. Whether they are jumping on your backpack, chasing each other or eating the food they’ve been fed by members of tour groups, we
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Interview: Will Gaudet, cannabis entrepreneur

Will Gaudet is in the weed business, or, at least, he’s trying to make a business out of weed. Gaudet, who grew up in the Berkeley Hills, has been working to focus the Bay Area’s intellectual capital to tackle the problems facing the burgeoning cannabis industry. In his conversation with
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Picks of the Week

Couldn’t afford Coachella tickets? Go celebrate the blossoming of cherries instead! The 48th annual Cherry Blossom Festival will occur over the next two weekends in San Francisco’s Japantown. Check out all the performances and exhibits that make this festival so well known — the best part is that most events
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End-of-semester bucket list

April is here. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the day we wave this semester goodbye draws excitingly close. We find ourselves daydreaming about the coming months — months to be spent doing the complete opposite of what our daily regimens here at UC Berkeley demand of us. Whether
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Quantum of solace, episode 2: Indian Rock Park

While we may have spent our spring breaks catching up on some much needed sleep, shopping and sun, just one week back and we already find ourselves galumphing back to our dingy Southside abodes and anxious wrecks and burnt-out shells of our former selves. How could it be that just
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White Girl Problems

As a white person, race can sometimes be an awkward thing to talk about. So the recent incident at Elmwood Cafe in Berkeley involving comedian W. Kamau Bell has left me with questions about racism in my backyard and the role that I play in combating it. Bell was greeting
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