winter snow

Ode to winter break

Oh winter break, You were a joy for me. You let me Netflix all day and all night, And you let me believe that life was alright.   Oh winter break, You let me see my dear friends again But surprised me with some old enemies too.   Oh winter
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brunch food

Dining on a dime

During winter break, many of us stuffed our faces with delicacies priced far beyond the allowances of our bank accounts. Now that we’re back, though, the only thing to your name is the $20 you found in a pair of pants while doing laundry (score!). Yet, friends are asking left and right to
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Tony B. Conscious: Berkeley’s street artist

For years, this street artist has been presenting his art on the corner of Durant and Telegraph avenues and other Bay Area locations, but his artistry started long before he made his way to Berkeley. Contact us at [email protected] Contact us at [email protected]


The apocalypse: dead week 2016

Early Tuesday morning, there were several reports of grey-ish students with black, dead eyes wandering slowly and aimlessly around campus. The only thing to be heard amidst the eerie silence was the wind scattering the leaves in every direction. For the few brave souls who dared to cross Sproul, they walked
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Shasta and Kana

Best spots to relish winter near Berkeley

The end of the semester means the beginning of winter, and unfortunately that means the start of sad shivers for many of us. But for those of you who love bundling in layers of clothing, trading your sandals for boots and frolicking in the rain, get excited to break out of your
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End of the semester bucketlist

As the semester is drawing to a close, the bucket list you made months ago when a 4.0 still seemed possible and a new workout regime seemed easy is still collecting dust next to forgotten bids and dreams underneath your bed. So, we at the Clog decided to come up with a
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