Population should be factor in housing discussion

Your Feb. 7 editorial began with you noticing “an increasing horde of students.” One would think that your own words would have caused you to realize that the increasing horde is the problem. But like the vast majority of people, you are blind to the obvious fact of human overpopulation
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Ben Gould provides student representation to city council

This month, students have a chance to elect the first student to Berkeley City Council in more than 30 years. That’s why we, the external affairs vice presidents of the ASUC and the Graduate Assembly, proudly endorse Ben Gould for City Council. For residents of Berkeley’s Downtown District 4, a
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Kate Harrison has capability to deal with housing crisis in Berkeley

On Monday, ballots started arriving for a special election in Berkeley’s City Council District 4, which encompasses Downtown Berkeley and surrounding areas. The vacancy for this seat is a result of affordable housing champion and former District 4 councilmember Jesse Arreguin being sworn in as mayor. In deciding who to
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Censoring free speech sets dangerous precedent

Last week, free speech suffered a blow when force and intimidation by some protesters prompted UC Berkeley to cancel a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos, who was invited to campus by the Berkeley College Republicans and who advocates racist, sexist and transphobic views. The cancellation should give no comfort to those
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Messy bedroom, possibly my own

What percentage procrastinator are you?

Everyone is familiar with the vicious cycle of having unwavering high hopes in the beginning of the semester that you will never procrastinate. Then one simple week passes and you’re already behind on laundry, phone calls to parents, cleaning your room, buying food, doing your readings, breathing, making it to class
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Things that have lasted longer than Trump’s approval rating

When Barack Obama took office, it took him 936 days to reach majority disapproval in the Gallup presidential approval polls. For Bill Clinton, it took 573 days. For George W. Bush, it took 1,205 days. President Trump, however? Eight days. After spewing out several highly controversial executive orders, including the
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Which closed down Berkeley business are you?

Unfortunately, Berkeley has taken a big hit after the closing of local businesses these past months. Although most of the vacancies have been filled with new tenants, we decided to pay homage to the wonderful establishments we have lost in the past year or two. Take this quiz to find out which
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