On coming home

Every house I’ve ever loved has its own particular smell. A hint of Lysol, a labrador’s fur, the faint scent of spices. My childhood house, I’ve been told, smells like laundry detergent and a hint of something else that can’t quite be placed. But to me, home smells like nothing
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The Lonely Island returns to Berkeley High

In case you missed it, while most of us slept off another overloaded weekend of “homework” last lazy Sunday, The Lonely Island took a stroll down memory lane. This “creepy” comedic trio has recently been working on a project on their decisive upbringing in Berkeley, California. Retired from their eight-year stint
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Waiting on the unfair tipping system to change

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: While tipping may be a good idea in theory, service charges implemented by the restaurant lead to more fair and equal pay for restaurant employees.

There is a fear that in the absence of tipping, the level of service at restaurants will deteriorate. There are other ways, however, through which servers could be held accountable for maintaining high standards.
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Berkeley Half Marathon: a run through town

It was an atypical Sunday morning for the City of Berkeley. Runners picked up their race gear Friday and Saturday at Memorial Stadium (courtesy of Cal Athletics) and marked their territory Sunday, racing 3.1 or 13.1 miles to support the Berkeley Public School Fund. If you were awake early enough, you
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Passing an apathetic student district in Berkeley

CAMPUS ISSUES: Voter turnout in District 7 was surprisingly low, and the trend of not voting in midterm elections defeats the purpose of a student district.

While the numbers do not reflect mail-in ballots, we still find them shockingly low — especially considering the important ballot measures up for consideration Tuesday.
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PSA: Berkeley Half Marathon this weekend

On Sunday, runners will parade through campus and around town as they participate in the second annual Berkeley Half Marathon. The 13.1-mile loop course starts at the MLK Jr. Civic Center Park and cuts through Telegraph Avenue, across campus, though North Berkeley and down to the Berkeley Marina. Alternatively, there is a shorter route — 5
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When llamas take UC Berkeley

For reasons unbeknown to most, there have been multiple instances of llamas parading through the Berkeley area in the past few weeks. Though these spectacles are probably blatant exploitation of said llamas, we can’t help but feel extreme spasms of joy every time we actually encounter the lamoids — Wikipedia
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