Tom Dalzell, founder of

Quirky Berkeley: An Interview with Tom Dalzell

Tom Dalzell runs the blog “Quirky Berkeley,” which is an online attempt at cataloguing Berkeley’s cultural identity. His posts range from photos of front-yard dinosaur figurines to large-scale murals, all narrated with his own brand of enthusiastic quirk. Not only does Dalzell uncover these public exhibitions of Berkeley weirdness, but
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Modified from Barbara Willi under Creative Commons by Sabrina Werts, Senior Staff

Week in events: Jan. 25-30

Welcome to the first full week of school of second semester! You’re trying to balance seeing your friends again with buying your textbooks, getting back into the swing of your clubs with finding a summer internship, going to the new Safeway to put food back in your fridge with figuring out
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An interview with Smoke’s Poutinerie’s Danny Rodriguez

Owner Danny Rodriguez first decided that he wanted to open up a Berkeley franchise of the well-known Canadian establishment while shooting a film in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After a long day of filming “Strings,” a title later changed to “Bravetown,” Rodriguez found immediate comfort in a steaming box of french fries, gravy and cheese
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7-day exercise regime to revitalize your postbreak body

For many of us, three months straight of Crossroads, GBC, late-night cheesy sticks and far too many Gypsy’s calzones was too much to handle. We struggled to stay strong, had to resort to ramen every night and slowly became more and more sloth-like. Winter break was a wonderful chance for
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An anecdotal history of Berkeley

Long before the dawn of the Nobel Prize, Cal and even the city of Berkeley, on this bayside section of land we students call home nine months out of the year existed a very different type of civilization. Before us, the indigenous Ohlone people once resided amidst our Strawberry Creek and
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Berry parfait, the perfect way to start your semester

The most important way to start your semester right is to start your first day right. Are we talking about wearing your nicest suit to dress for success or bringing an apple to class to get to know your professor? While we would let you do those at your own risk,
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7 signs you’re over winter break

Don’t get us wrong: We at the Clog love winter break. We get food cooked for us and laundry done for us and can wear red without being booed out of the house. There comes a time, however, when we have to admit that we’re, well, over it. Here are seven
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