Where should you treat yourself after studying?

Every semester, we go into dead week with the same elaborately color-coded study schedules and fridges stocked with healthy snacks. We tell ourselves, “This semester is going to be different.” We tell ourselves we aren’t going to eat only Apple Jacks for the next ten days. We tell ourselves we
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Quantum of solace, episode 4: Berkeley Marina

While it may not appear at first glance to be the optimal site for our solace-seeking selves to kick back and escape our Berkeley lives, the Berkeley Marina actually has a lot more to offer than a polluted harbor and a smog-filtered view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Especially now,
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Which Berkeley street are you?

We have a quiz to tell you what you’ve always wanted to know: which Berkeley street you would be. Take our quiz and find out if you’d really be the street you’re living on, a street near campus or one of the big names. Good luck! Image Source: Daniel Parks under Creative Commons
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5 ways to not actually study during dead week

Ah, the last Friday of classes. As the day quickly approaches, students prepare themselves for a long week of hard work, studying and preparing for finals. Such is the inevitable nature of dead week … … kind of. In reality, very little actual studying occurs before at least the Monday
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Politics of Memorial Glade

The weather is looking up, classes are winding down, and more and more people are spending time outside. It is almost summer, and we at the Clog speak for everyone when we say that it could not come soon enough. While we understand that you should enjoy the nice weather
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cal squirrel

Which type of Berkeley squirrel are you?

Berkeley, the land of endless studying, flyers and … squirrels! Yes, as we all know here at UC Berkeley, the squirrels on this campus are a problem. Whether they are jumping on your backpack, chasing each other or eating the food they’ve been fed by members of tour groups, we
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