Hours on the hill

Off the beat

I zip my pants back up and reorient myself. My chin lifts and my chest puffs out. I shout! “For California, for California, the hills send back the cry!”
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Three Berkeleys, zero sincerity

Throughout the process of writing this column, I was hard on myself. I wasn’t getting it right, wasn’t nailing what I could possibly say to offer some profound insight into the college experience. At first, my idea was to write about the concept of three Berkeleys. That idea was born
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The most important lesson

Two weeks ago, I sent my mother a WhatsApp message crying and asking her to call me because I was so overwhelmed with graduating, becoming an adult and leaving my comfort zone. As I wiped the tears off my face and stared at the message I had just sent, I
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Photo essay: What makes Berkeley feel like home

Current UC Berkeley students were asked about how Berkeley began to feel like home for them after they moved here for college. This is how they described settling into an unfamiliar place. Sayi Boddu, freshman   Photos: Daniel Ho/Staff Before freshman Sayi Boddu arrived at UC Berkeley, he wasn’t sure
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