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Photo essay: Murals abound in Berkeley

Berkeley’s vibrance perhaps known no better physical manifestation than the murals that riddle her walls and streets. Bringing light and color to otherwise musty corners, these murals represent Berkeley’s spirit of optimism, resilience and activism. We took a look at some of the most prominent murals in the city. Just
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25 thoughts we have living in the city

For some students, Berkeley isn’t that different from their hometowns. For those of us who hail from cow towns and suburbs, however, living in the city is a totally new experience. We at the Clog know that adjusting to a city can be a wild experience, complete with an ever-changing internal monologue about Berkeley. Here are just 25 of the thoughts we have while contemplating city life.
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Berkeley: A new haven for cinephiles

When people think of cities with vibrant film cultures, only two places tend to come to mind: Los Angeles and New York. Which, to be fair, is expected. There’s Los Angeles — the home of Disney, Warner Brothers Studios and almost all other major studios. It’s arguably the entertainment capital
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bored with summer

10 signs you’re already done with summer

It’s time to face the truth. Summer is already more than half way over. But for some of you, that’s a good sign. The breaks that college offers you are so much longer than what you’re used to; you officially are lost for directions in how to spend the rest of
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