IB 157 students walk along the coast to the Monterey cypress grove at Point Lobos State Reserve.

Getting lost and finding woody plants

California has been my home since I took my first breath, my sense of self created between rolling oak hillsides and riparian corridors. However, my knowledge of the ecological communities I visited on weekends and holidays was sparse at best until last semester when I took Integrative Biology 157, “California
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10 things you already miss about being back home

No matter how much you love Berkeley, there are certain things about home that you can’t help but miss. It might feel like you’re still back at home on Netflix with a bag of extra-buttery popcorn and some Nutella on the side.  We know it’s only been a week since
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The Clog’s favorite tips for getting into UC Berkeley

If the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, we’ve got another one to slap onto that list: the increasing competitiveness of getting into college. Everybody seems to hype this up like some apocalyptic asteroid from outer space — and with good reason. A wise high school teacher once
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Things Berkeley students should be thankful for

Yes — the holiday season is just around the corner, which means finals are creeping upon us as well. Just remember these nine things when you’re bawling your eyes out because you can’t remember the difference between a P orbital and an S orbital. Going to UC Berkeley (and not
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Competitors race beside Interstate 80 during the Berkeley Half Marathon, the first held in the 
city. About 8,000 took part in the race, which began Downtown and ended at Golden Gate Fields.

Berkeley holds first-ever half-marathon Sunday morning

Lark Ryan, the race’s marketing and outreach coordinator, said the course depended on the permits they were able to settle with the city. She said that she hopes to cooperate with the city to get better permits and, consequently, a better course for possible future races.
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UC graduate students and service workers strike

Service workers, patient care workers, and graduate students throughout the UC system went on a 24-hour strike. The American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Local 3299 called for the protest in response to alleged intimidation tactics used by the UC to prevent workers from participating in a May
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Occupying for a better Berkeley campus

Urban Animal

Hours after the noontime rally, the police arrived on Sproul Plaza in riot gear. Riot gear, I thought. Were they kidding? The police told us — a few hundred students — to leave. We linked arms around the tent. This was the moment I became an Occupier. They jabbed clubs
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