Tenants displaced after fire erupts in apartment complex

What remains of 2227 Dwight Way is little more than a shell of a building. The residents of the three-story, six-unit apartment building — now with blackened walls and broken windows — have all been displaced, and those who live in the surrounding buildings are only being allowed in their
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New car-sharing service Wheelz rolls into Berkeley

After a successful start at Stanford University, the car-sharing service Wheelz began operations at UC Berkeley Monday, with more plans to expand in the future. Like the popular car-share service Zipcar, which recently headed a $13.7 million investment into the new startup, Wheelz lets patrons pay to rent cars by
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Campus mumps outbreak declared over

The mumps outbreak which infected approimately 29 UC Berkeley students last semester appears to be officially over. In a statement released by the city of Berkeley Monday, city Public Health Officer Janet Berreman said it has been more than three months — more than two incubation periods — since the
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Some claim high pensions could deplete Berkeley’s funds

When Berkeley’s city manager Phil Kamlarz retired in November 2011, he took nearly a quarter of a million dollars in annual pensions with him, raising eyebrows over the current pension system and the security of Berkeley’s financial future. Kamlarz, who worked for the city for 36 years, will have an
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Rise in price of parking ticket fines increases city revenue

Amid criticism over an increase in the price of parking ticket fines in the city of Berkeley, recently released data shows that the city has in fact collected thousands of dollars more in parking ticket revenue this fiscal year compared to the same time last year. The city of Berkeley
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