UC Berkeley Police Chief Mitch Celaya announced that he will be retiring at the end of this year.

Faces of Berkeley: Mitch Celaya, UCPD chief

With retirement looming, campus police chief reflects on highs and lows of UC Berkeley tenure

Since assuming the position in 2009, Mitch Celaya has managed some of UC Berkeley’s most controversial disputes. But effective Dec. 31, Celaya will retire from his post, thus ending a 30-year career with the campus police.
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Stand up for civil sidewalks and safe neighborhoods

The ASUC Senate Bill 64 was wrong in its decision on Measure S

As a cafe owner on Telegraph Avenue, I’ve been following and supporting Measure S. When I learned that the ASUC Senate was about to vote on a bill to oppose Measure S, I wanted to observe the process. Senate Bill 64, which is against Measure S, was on the agenda
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Measure undistricts city and only changes who draws district lines

Texas-style politics comes to Berkeley with city redistricting measure

The charter amendment Measure R doesn’t redistrict Berkeley at all. It undistricts it. A little history: District Elections were instituted in 1986 to end citywide elections for all council seats. It was a measure put forth by the conservative hills residents against the monopoly the much more progressive flatlands of
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WILD Party at the David Brower Center in Berkeley

On Friday, September 28, the David Brower Center in Downtown Berkeley hosted their fourth annual WILD party. Guests enjoyed the performance of a marching band, DJ, interpretive dance, and aerial performances while dressed for a walk on the “wild” side.

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Cafes in Berkeley

Watch a video with reviews of coffee shops in Berkeley by Fiona Hannigan. The coffee shops featured are Peet’s, Philz Coffee, Milano, Strada, Free Speech Movement, and Espresso Roma.

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Occupy Rosh Hashana: Protest in Berkeley

Members of the Jewish community held a protest in Downtown Berkeley on Monday September 17th called Occupy Rosh Hashana. The protest marked the one year anniversary of Occupy Berkeley and was held on the Jewish new year.


The question of religion

Religiously Inclined

Potential danger aside, I am a true lover of religion, even though I consider myself an atheist at this particular moment in time. My interest in religion stems from a long and complicated history in which people, places and dramas have left an indelible mark on my religious identity.
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