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Training myself for the future

Off The Beat

It’s not that the train ride provided me with the answers to some of life’s biggest questions, but I do believe that it lessened the burden of those questions. Sitting on a train for days and being forced to become comfortable with just watching the movement of the world outside calmed me down.
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Illustration of students in a classroom. A hand symbolizing budget cuts takes away a student's books

Berkeley school district cannot cut resources from students who need them most

CITY AFFAIRS: At a time when Berkeley schools are facing an equity crisis, it can’t afford to defund diversity programs

The Berkeley Unified School District board is considering defunding the Office of Family Engagement and Equity, which aims to provide support to underserved students and their families — affecting nearly 40 percent of students in the district. It should go without saying that the financial sustainability of a public school district should never come at the cost of supporting the students who rely on it most.
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Episode #8: Baby Steps

In episode eight, Justice and Rory welcome fellow men’s basketball writer Surina Khurana, discuss Cal’s losses to Colorado and Utah, explore some ways for the Bears to break their funk and dissect the lunacy of having a particular football game the same day that Cal hosts Stanford. Follow us on
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Taking off my rose-tinted glasses

Off the Beat

Before I knew that I would be going to school at UC Berkeley, the campus lived in my mind as a kind of promised land. My perception of the school was formed by black-and-white photos of students and community members protesting for what they believed in. I expected social awareness
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Berkeley school district must eliminate racial biases

As a parent of two Black sons who went through Berkeley public schools and after 12 years on the Berkeley school board, I am convinced that the single most significant factor in our continuing racial academic disparities along racial lines is the implicit bias of too many of our classroom
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