5 white lies told at UC Berkeley

Before coming to college, many of us were bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information about the school, whether it was through pep talks or occasional warnings. Here, we at the Clog are going to unmask some of these lies, which were probably told to us with good intentions. 1.
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Interview with berkeleytime: UC Berkeley’s Snapchat story

Berkeleytime, the controversial but well-loved Snapchat account that became an overnight sensation, only lasted nine days, but its legacy has remained for much longer. The Clog sat down with its creator, who requested to remain anonymous due to fear of retribution, and asked a few questions, hoping to delve into
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Get a head start on choosing classes for the Fall

Only two months into the spring semester, and it’s already getting close to that time again. Yeah, the only time apart from finals week that makes students all across campus tear out their hair and cry tears of frustration. If you listen closely during the next few weeks, you’re almost
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New class scheduling website aims to help students plan their futures

Berkeleytime, a new student-built class schedule-creation website, aims to be just as necessary as its namesake 10-minute grace period between classes. Previously, students had to use multiple resources — the Schedule of Classes, the General Catalog, ScheduleBuilder — to plan their schedules. Berkeleytime, created by UC Berkeley sophomores Yuxin Zhu
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