Best of Berkeley — Editor’s Note

We curse it for its high cost of living and high-density traffic. We celebrate it for its free speech ideals, influential history and colorful array of socially-conscious residents that strive to make it a better place everyday. This is Berkeley, and this is our city. Every spring, The Daily Californian
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Best of Berkeley: Best Shopping

Best Bookstore: Moe’s Books Located on Telegraph, just four blocks from campus, Moe’s Books has so much going for it besides its convenient location. Beyond its unique selection of rare and used books, the storefront itself is chock-full of history. It was even captured briefly in the film “The Graduate,”
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Best of Berkeley: Best Restaurants

Best Restaurant: Chez Panisse Whether you’re climbing the wooden steps to the treehouselike cafe, or stepping into the elegant yet modest dining room below, Chez Panisse will provide you a meal to remember. With a constantly changing menu of organic, locally-grown ingredients, the historical restaurant tucked inside the Gourmet Ghetto
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Best of Berkeley: Best Dishes

Best Pizza, Best Meal Under $5 and Best Bakery: Cheese Board Collective It’s a Saturday afternoon. You’re hungry. You have little to no cash and you love cheese. Where do you go? You know the answer. It’s known by two glorious syllables: Cheese Board (formally, The Cheese Board Collective). Every
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