UC Berkeley pilots data science class

The new four-unit course, “Foundations of Data Science” — cross-listed as Statistics 94 and Computer Science 94 — combines introductory statistics and computational concepts with hands-on work involving hard data that brings “real-world relevance,” according to the program’s website.
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Tunesday – Dedicated to What’s-Your-Name

Dear what’s-your-name, it’s me. I’m that guy who was too scared to say a word to you in your class all semester. I’m that guy who was too nervous to approach you on the bus when I saw you reading one of my favorite novels. I’m that guy who was
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Five Questions: Marti Hearst, ‘Big Data’ pioneer

With a massive amount of data online, computer programmers have recently taken to looking for ways to manage it all. Marti Hearst, a professor in the UC Berkeley School of Information, has been at the forefront of research on working with “Big Data” to make it searchable and accessible. Her
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