Discovering Berkeley through Davis

Like so many UC Berkeley students in off-campus relationships, my boyfriend attends UC Davis while I go to UC Berkeley. This “short” distance means that three day weekends are basically music to my ears, so on Friday, I hopped on the oh-so-convenient bus between the UC Davis and UC Berkeley
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Humor: An Open Letter to the Pedestrians on Campus

All I ask is that you trust me. Because the thing is, I am very good at this. I am an artist, a genius. I can calculate the trajectories of bent-necked chemistry students with their noses touching their phone screens, of rubber-necked French tour groups, of stiff-necked moped drivers buzzing
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Pros and cons of biking at Cal

When it comes to bikes, our campus seems to be divided. An unspoken rivalry hangs in the air between the bikers and the walkers … the bikers just want the walkers out of the way and the walkers just don’t want to be run over. This week, our great university
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