In-between weather essentials

For those of you new to NorCal, the current weather may be confusing to you. One day, it’s hot and sunny, the next, rainy and windy. We at the Clog consider ourselves Berkeley weather experts, and thus we have put together this list of weird-weather essentials. Keep these items in
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What Not to Wear: Berkeley edition

Berkeley is a fairly accepting place. There’s not much that a person could wear that would really spark outrage or be classified as a faux pas – we’re the unofficial home of the Birkenstock, after all. That being said, the fashionistas at the Clog have compiled a short list of
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white crocs

Croc catharsis

In a world in which almost every individual owns at least one pair of white shoes, we at the Clog find it truly perplexing that not every soul owns at least one pair of Crocs. Youths everywhere have succumbed to the fascination with white footwear, leading almost every young adult to
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Sammy Sassoon | Shirt: thrifted, jeans: ASOS

A brief history of normcore

Think of the average UC Berkeley student — what comes to mind? Countercultural leanings? Likely. Strong feelings about Main Stacks, a state of perpetual caffeination and a penchant for Cal gear? Almost certainly. Fashion sense? Not exactly. While images of the suit-clad students of the Free Speech Movement might look
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6 Berkeley gifts for your dad this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and buying a gift for your dad can be really difficult. Don’t worry — we at the Clog have got you covered. Here are some Berkeley-related gifts you can get your dad that he will be sure to appreciate. 1. “California Dad Berkeley”
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