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How to bake a cake from scratch

There’s a reason birthday cakes don’t come with a return receipt. They are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or graduation parties, and nothing says love more than handmade food. This recipe is perfect for busy UC Berkeley students because you only need one mixing bowl and you don’t need to sift
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Perfect restaurants for every birthday celebration

Every birthday calls for a unique celebration. But the thing about birthdays is … they happen every year — and to all of your friends. It can get difficult to think of new things to do and, especially, new places to eat. So we’re here to help you change it
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Why we love Fentons Creamery

When it comes to great ice cream destinations like Ici and CREAM, Fentons Creamery is definitely a treasured Bay Area ice cream parlor. Fentons Creamery is the perfect place for gatherings, dates, kids and especially those who are kids at heart. And Pixar also agrees! Fentons was featured in Pixar’s
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