The black hole as a nonmetaphor

  Last week, a group of UC Berkeley researchers led by astronomy professor Chung-Pei Ma discovered an extraordinarily large black hole. A “supermassive” black hole, one of such extraordinarily powerful, light-compressing darkness that it could swallow 5.5 quadrillion Earths with the same masochistic nonchalance of a fraternity brother shot-gunning a
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2014-07-29 03.21.16

Inventor of the laser celebrates 99th birthday on Faculty Glade

On Monday at the Faculty Glade, onlookers eagerly awaited the arrival of the day’s most important guest: Charles Townes. Cheers and applause broke out as a golf cart came into view and renowned physicist, educator and Nobel Prize winner Charles Townes made his way onto the glade — kicking off the celebration of
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