Troye Sivan brings LGBTQ+ representation to The Masonic

Last Thursday, on the stage of The Masonic, Sivan seemed at home in the rainbow limelight. Running a hand through his shock of pale hair and shrugging off a loose, gray suit jacket to reveal skintight fitness wear, Sivan paused his set to say, “This is the gay one,” before performing “HEAVEN.”
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Where the wildflowers are

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The earth laughs in flowers.” Flowers are some of the most beautiful specimens nature has to offer, and like Emerson, we should remember to take time out of our daily lives to appreciate them. So whether you need to take a stress break or are
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Beach House add atmosphere to the Fillmore

Otherworldly. Ethereal. Atmospheric. This is the standard parlance applied to the dreampop band Beach House. Those terms definitely apply, but they don’t capture the “Myth”ic quality of seeing them play at the Fillmore last Tuesday. Even when you’re close enough to break into the photographer’s pit like I did (for
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Beach House: Bloom

At its core, Beach House’s sound hasn’t changed much since the Baltimore dream pop duo released its self-titled debut six years ago. But with each new release, the band has continued to refine its sound and their fourth album, Bloom, is no different. Alex Scally’s droning guitar on album opener
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