Finals smoothie

This smoothie recipe is rad for when you’re running out to a study session at some point this week or for that 8 a.m. final. Juice it up, Bears!
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Challah French toast

Have you ever been left with some extra challah after a Friday night dinner? Have you ever just let it sit on your kitchen counter through the weekend until it’s stale and then not known what to do with it? Lucky for you, that stale challah you find lying around your kitchen Sunday morning can make for an excellent brunch. Here, we show you just how.
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Blueberry lemon cake

While baking simple cookies and other quick bites during the semester may have been enough to satisfy our sweet tooth, with summer upon us, we at the Clog know we can get more complicated. But what should you make on your next lazy weekend? Luckily, we have an idea. Blueberries and
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Finished Pie

Peach and blueberry pie

This isn’t an easy recipe. This will take you hours and you’ll learn a few new techniques. But we at the Clog think that summer is the time for experimenting in the kitchen and utilizing seasonal ingredients for more complicated recipes because we have the time. Leave the pot noodle and pasta with red sauce for the school year and embark on a culinary journey that’ll leave a crunch and sugary, bright sweetness in your mouth.
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