Berkeley Animal Care Services provides pets for adoption including this cat.

Quiz: What pet should you get?

It can get a little lonely in Berkeley sometimes, and we at the Clog know how hard it can be to miss your family pets back home. If you are thinking about getting a new companion for the long nights at college, we advise you take this quiz (and take
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Students protest after former Berkeley Law dean returns to campus

About 40 students and community members gathered on Sproul Plaza on Wednesday afternoon and later marched through the Berkeley Law campus protesting Choudhry’s return, as well as the publication of an open letter written by Choudhry and published in The Daily Californian’s opinion section Tuesday.
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Tips for coming to Cal: Befriend upperclassmen, shop classes

Congratulations! You have been admitted to one of the most prestigious schools in the nation — probably as a result of your stellar resume, which highlighted your shining status as the No. 1 valedictorian and revealed your glowing experience in bringing aid to third-world countries while simultaneously interning at the public defender’s office during your first year of elementary school.
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