After 43 years at UC Berkeley, Provost Breslauer leaves his nest

After witnessing UC's financial cutbacks and student protests during his eight years as UC Berkeley's Executive Chancellor and Provost, George Breslauer is ready to step down

The soft-spoken New York City native considers himself a “nester” of the campus. In many ways, his achievements at UC Berkeley prove him worthy of the title. He has spent his entire professional career at UC Berkeley — a total of 43 years.
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Deflating academic inequity

CAMPUS ISSUES: Contextual grading at UC Berkeley could be beneficial for many students, but only if the system takes a nuanced approach.

If implemented appropriately, contextualized grades may prove to be a major benefit to UC Berkeley students. Across the country, rampant grade inflation has cheapened the value of high letter grades, and while the campus has generally followed this trend, the average grade awarded to Berkeley students has been noticeably lower
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College of Letters and Science appoints new associate dean

The former chair of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate began his term this fall in a newly created associate dean position in the campus College of Letters and Science as part of an initiative begun by the college in 2010 to analyze the effectiveness of its undergraduate education.
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Chancellor search committee to meet with campus representatives

Selected faculty members and students will meet at an on-campus stakeholders’ meeting Friday with the advisory committee chosen to recommend a replacement for outgoing UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau. At the meeting, which will be held at Clark Kerr campus, faculty members selected by the Berkeley Division of the Academic
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Faculty angered by suggestion to reschedule midterms for football

An email sent from UC Berkeley administration to campus instructors has caused some to question whether athletics are conflicting with the campus’s academics. Professor Bob Jacobsen, chair of the campus division of the Academic Senate, and Catherine Koshland, vice provost for teaching, learning, academic planning and facilities, asked instructors in
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Academic Senate to hold runoff election for Divisional Council

After an initial election failed to yield clear winners, the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate has called for a runoff election to elect three at-large members to its Divisional Council. The senate represents faculty in UC governance and determines academic policy, sets admission standards, authorizes course curricula and more.
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