Making space for aces at Pride

For aces of all stripes, LGBTQ+ communities are often the first communities we seek out when we first start questioning our a/sexuality and realize that mainstream heterosexual spaces may not have a place for us
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Weekender Picks

Take a look at The California Sunday Magazine, a new artfully crafted weekend magazine from the creators of Pop Up Magazine. They say they are curious about everything, and the photography is stunning. I suggest reading this month’s cover story on virtual technology written by Carina Chocano.
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Picks of the weekend: long-weekend edition!

This three-day weekend is such a tease. It’s all like, “Yo, I’m going to pull some Criss Angel “Mindfreak” shiz and cast a spell on you that tricks you into thinking that you’re back in the glory of summer, and then I’m going to smack you across the face when
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