If TV geniuses were UC Berkeley professors

Desiree Diaz/Staff

It’s not a surprise that walking around campus, we’re surrounded by a sea of intellectuals. The brilliance of our campus professors is evident in the designated Nobel laureate parking spaces and casually mentioned awards and grants. As students, we attend lectures with a mix of inspiration from our professors’ passionate
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Skeletons in the Campanile’s closet

One hundred years ago when architect John Galen Howard looked up at the almost-finished Sather Tower on a gloomy October day, a small shadow might’ve darkened his mind. On most days, the Campanile stands tall and majestic, just as Howard intended it. But on that cloudy morning, something about the
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Science can be sexy, too

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to television is when some character who is supposed to be “nerdy” or “techy” says something like, “I’m going to use this algorithm to run this computer,” and then all the other characters go, “Speak English, please” or, “Huh? Can you
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