Why Oprah should be UC Berkeley’s Inspo


Ah. Ha. Aha. That’s the one. The moment we’ve all strive to have, the moment Oprah Winfrey so kindly coined for us. For us college students, many of us fondly remember coming home from elementary school and watching Oprah with our moms. Though Ellen Degeneres never fails to make us
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Bookselves: An app for book lovers

Have you ever read an amazing, mind-boggling, beautiful piece of literature and felt the immediate need to discuss it with someone but none of your friends will to read it? Well, a team consisting of UC Berkeley students have created a new mobile startup app, cleverly titled “Bookselves,” which seeks to
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Clog book club: creepy prep schools

Classes start soon, and we aren’t looking forward to the long nights at Main Stacks, scrambling to finish essays and stressing over problem sets. To make ourselves feel better, we’ve compiled a list of books set in creepy, elite schools that really put our problems in perspective. Because as bad
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A novel idea: why you should start your own book club

Flashback to the summer before college: In between deciding if you really need to purchase a color printer and whether it’s socially acceptable to sneak Mr. Cuddles into your dorm, you find yourself sorting through your favorite literary reads to bring to college. Should your 2-by-1-foot shelf be graced with “Harry
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