Bookselves: An app for book lovers

Have you ever read an amazing, mind-boggling, beautiful piece of literature and felt the immediate need to discuss it with someone but none of your friends will to read it? Well, a team consisting of UC Berkeley students have created a new mobile startup app, cleverly titled “Bookselves,” which seeks to
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doe library

What can the UC Berkeley libraries do for you?

Although we have some of the most beautiful libraries in the world right here on our campus, we often neglect them and don’t take advantage of all the resources they offer us. For example, did you know you can host an event at FSM? Or borrow paintings from the library
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Most checked-out books from Berkeley Public Library

When we asked the woman at the reference desk of the Berkeley Public Library’s Central Library, located off Shattuck Avenue, about the most checked-out books in their system, she said we might be able to find more information upstairs, but she was pretty sure it was the Holy Bible. It’s certainly a
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Clog book club: Books about Books

“Write what you know,” the cliche goes, and novelists certainly know books. They read them, they write them, and they write about them. This week’s theme is Books about Books — rescued books, secret books, book clubs, books with a past and books that demand to be read.   1.
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Books on the beach

Clog book club: Summer Lovin’

So you finally schlepped to the bookstore because you promised yourself that this summer you really were going to read, only to find yourself completely overwhelmed by options. Where to start? Well, we at the Clog are here to help! We’ve begun our very own book club, and our first theme
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Books on the beach

How to create the perfect summer reading list

A suggested summer reading list will always claim to have something for everybody, and it will always be lying. There are a lot of people in this world, and people read different things, especially at a place such as UC Berkeley. So rather than tell you that Hilary Mantel’s “Wolf Hall“ is really,
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A novel idea: why you should start your own book club

Flashback to the summer before college: In between deciding if you really need to purchase a color printer and whether it’s socially acceptable to sneak Mr. Cuddles into your dorm, you find yourself sorting through your favorite literary reads to bring to college. Should your 2-by-1-foot shelf be graced with “Harry
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Putting the BOO in books

Millennial Meltdown

So your third-favorite English-major friend walks in and gets in line. He has that look in his eyes that says, “I’m going to order a Blonde Roast coffee and work on my screenplay,” and you happily interrupt that look with a wave.
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The “art” of pixelated reading

Because the Internet

“My Kindle is broken.” These words reverberated through air, rife with particles bouncing with life and easy joy. They cut a stark contrast to the bustling banter and rambunctious laughter echoing off the wooden walls.
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Two pages forward

Two Steps Forward

Books have wrought immense change on the world. “Harry Potter,” “The Chronicles of Narnia” and many others have given magic to millions. This is to say nothing of religious texts, which have shaped the lives of people around the world for millennia. These are a few well-known and extremely popular examples of the effects of the written word. In my nearly two decades of dedicated reading, I’ve come across other, lesser-known works that inspired changes of their own within the confines of my mind. This is a limited account of those books, each of which remain relevant in an increasingly paperless age, and each one is highly recommended by yours truly.
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