Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair 2013

Hand-drawn posters, tables of pamphlets and one completely naked old man walking from booth to booth: This is the form anarchism took at the 2013 Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair, held on March 16 and 17. Fitting the worn-down warehouse in which it was held, the event appeared fragmented, a
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Angela Davis gives book talk in Oakland

What is the meaning of freedom? Angela Davis has devoted her life to the exploration of this question and to combating all forms of oppression that deny people their freedom based on race, gender, class or sexual orientation.
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‘Wise Men’ leaves readers out at sea

Stuart Nadler’s new novel “Wise Men” is not easily digestible, though its prose is not difficult. The themes it explores — from race, to lust, to the corruptive power of wealth — are so large and multifaceted as to render this one doozy of a seaside saga. Maybe it’s best
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Plugging into literature

A torrent of words and information — PowerPoint slides, textbook pages, text messages, Tumblr posts — pervades every moment of a college student’s day. The act of reading consumes class and homework time, and perusing blog posts and Facebook messages fills leisure time. Understandably, this endless stream of letters has left
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Q&A with “Gods Without Men” author tomorrow

For some reason, on a nice day I always imagine myself  on Memorial Glade with some bad-ass sunglasses and a good read, casually flaunting the cover to whoever happens to be walking past. However, when a nice day actually sneaks up on me, I find myself in a classroom, tired
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OFF THE BEAT: Bookshelves and puzzle pieces

Someone once remarked there is absolutely nothing that compares with the influence of a mother. For me, it is a testament to a fine truth, one whose foundations transcend simple love, kindness and understanding. It holds a greater truth in my heart than I would like to admit at times.
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OFF THE BEAT: Learning to be a sex nerd

I am a nerd. About everything. I over-research anything I decide that I want to do. I exhaust the resources on the Internet and then move on to books if I still want to know more. When I started having sex, I started doing the same thing I always do:
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