“Fight the Power”: Two Rappers’ Insight into Politics

Radical politics and musical expression are hopelessly intertwined throughout history and revolutions. The political unrest of many generations is echoed in the music of their respective times: Bob Dylan’s folk is woven within the cultural revolution of the ‘60s; Tupac’s lyrics capture the complex experience of a black man in
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coup band photo

Local Limelight: The Coup

You know what you need? More politically-charged hip-hop, that’s what. But seriously, if  you are a fan of hip-hop that surges with “power to the people” thoughts and protest anthems, look no further than Oakland’s the Coup. The group is fronted by Boots Riley, the smooth talking emcee who is
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Oakland-based duo conjures beats of activism

Although it’s been a year since their last studio collaboration as Street Sweeper Social Club, Tom Morello and Boots Riley have both been two of the most politically active musicians in the past few years. While SSSC mixed in slick, playful raps with socially conscious lyrics, Morello and Riley have
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