Berkeley: A new haven for cinephiles

When people think of cities with vibrant film cultures, only two places tend to come to mind: Los Angeles and New York. Which, to be fair, is expected. There’s Los Angeles — the home of Disney, Warner Brothers Studios and almost all other major studios. It’s arguably the entertainment capital
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Richard Linklater’s ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ scores with charming characters, profound humor

Said to be a “spiritual sequel” to cult classic “Dazed and Confused,” Richard Linklater’s newest gem “Everybody Wants Some!!” feels equally like a quasi-sequel to his critically acclaimed and award-winning masterpiece “Boyhood.” Where “Dazed” followed the life of a bunch of jocks, nerds and stoners over the course of their
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A not so astonishing documentary on Orson Welles

12The magic of Orson Welles transcends the confines of Hollywood. Welles, proving to be too ahead of his time, was the essence of entertainment for many generations, and it’s that very quality that caused audiences to become transfixed with his creations. Director Chuck Workman relies on Welles’ magic charm for
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Top 5 places to watch The Academy Awards

Missing out on the Oscars because you don’t have cable access? Did your invite to the legendary Vanity Fair after party get lost in the mail? Fret not, film fanatic. There are plenty of budget-friendly places in the Bay Area for you to get your #Oscars groove on. Check out
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Top 10 films of the year

2014 saw a wide array of films hit the theaters from the thrilling “Gone Girl” to the tasteful, poignant and guffaw-inducing “Dear White People.” Here are the top picks as selected by the arts & entertainment department at The Daily Californian.
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Notes from my journal: Things I learn while lying down

“Notes from my journal” is a series in which contributors share excerpts from their private journals, diaries and notebooks. Lists! They seem to force themselves on me. Lists. Like my day will be more concrete if I write on my notes app on my iPhone or — better yet! —
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