Console consolation: Gaming as self-care

Pressing Restart

Apart from taking positive steps for self-care like going to see a psychiatrist at Tang, I needed to get away, yet stay in the present. I needed a break. Naturally, I turned to playing a video game.
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Margherita pizza grilled cheese

With the end of winter fast approaching, I thought making a hot, cheesy sandwich would be the best way to celebrate. This sandwich calls for minimal ingredients and can definitely be made on a budget, which I think we can all appreciate. Though it might be a hassle in the
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pumjpkin mix

Fall food finds at Trader Joe’s

The leaves are falling and shops are stockpiling their shelves with candles titled “Autumn Cinnamon Strudel.” All of these are clear signs that fall is upon us. Time to break out your coziest flannel and hop in line for those pumpkin spice lattes. But if you’re looking for those extra
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Sunny Tsai/Staff

Green onion focaccia bread recipe

RRR week is officially halfway over and what better way to relieve your stress than by eating carbs? In all honesty though, kneading and baking really is a therapeutic activity. So you might as well take a study break (or continue your already existing procrastination) and make this delicious and simple
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Simple bruschetta recipe

Eating Berkeley is back again with yet another simple recipe that can be made from the comfort of your own dorm kitchenette. We completely feel you in saying you’re sick of the food at the dining halls. No time? Don’t worry — this recipe will take you less time to
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11 reasons grilled cheese is the perfect college food

In honor of National Grilled Cheese month, we at the Clog have decided to shine some light on this under-appreciated food. Yes, it may not be the most nutritional, but the cheese in this sandwich holds together not only two crispy pieces of bread but also the very fabric of college
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