Poems: Mouthful of brine, sunrise

Mouthful of brine, Eda Yu i. “I fucked her, but I love you still.” you are echoes of soft laughter under white duvet covers, the many syllabled-broken promise of an ex-lover, a gray, oversized shirt i’ve tried on for size one too many times. you are heavy earth, like your
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Dump Your Significant Jerk Day

February is here, and we must brace ourselves for the sight of several hearts, cuddles and Cupid’s arrows everywhere. If you do have a significant other, by all means go out and celebrate your love. But as cheesy as it may sound, you should go love yourself first — which
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Fiction: Nero

I shouldn’t have picked up when he called. I know that. He just wanted to know how the dog was doing, anyway. I look down at Nero, who is trotting along in pace with me. He snorts and pants as he moves his sturdy little bulldog legs. He resembles a
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Love Don’t Cost a Thing

They met on a sticky September day in Wheeler Hall. He was streaming House of Cards on his computer. She was adding a selfie to her Snapchat story. Heat emanated as the air of an unfinished question lingered between them. The question was, “Is Air Bears down?” The answer was yes.
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