Playlist for an autumn walk

Daily Cal - Fall Playlist - Export
Caragh McErlean/Staff

Fall is such a beautiful time of year here in Berkeley. The leaves begin to drop, and even though the temperatures haven’t fallen that much, we can clearly see signs of the changing of seasons. We at the Clog have created a playlist suitable for a fall walk through campus. So
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Frank Cruz tries to make sense of son’s death with music

“Writing the record helped me build a story out of something that didn’t make any sense,” began Frank Cruz when he sat down with The Daily Californian days before the release of his new album, Ofrenda. Cruz was a student in the graduate department at UC Berkeley when his 5-year-old
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Tunesday: Modern Day Protest Songs

Protest songs seem to be a thing of the past, one tied up mainly in the Vietnam War and The Civil Rights Movement. However, with the chaos that constantly infiltrates the world, they remain just as prevalent, though they now come in a different form. High-profile musicians replace guitars and
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