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Midterm playlist: 90s edition

It’s the eighth week of the semester. That means you’re about to be flooded with midterms, research papers and copious amounts of stress. How could this be possible? You don’t even feel like you should be in college. Here at the Clog we feel your pain, so we’ve created a playlist
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Tunesday: A taste of classic Britney

With midterm season in full bloom and the school year showing no signs of slowing down, there comes a feeling of apprehensiveness toward what awaits in the near future. Sometimes you just want to crawl under the covers and revel in the good ol’ days — the days when Britney
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Read Rosemarie: How to ruin your childhood

I once read a scholarly theory (I found it on Tumblr) that says the reason our generation is deeply entrenched in nostalgia is because we experienced so much rapid technological innovation in such a short period of time. For us, what some may call “the recent past” actually feels like
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‘Britney Jean’ is no one’s lover

“Work Bitch” was not, in fact, said by Jesse Pinkman, but by veteran pop singer Britney Spears, and is the title of her latest single. The song appears as part of her latest album, Britney Jean, released Tuesday. Britney Jean doesn’t do too much to excite or innovate — the
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Off the beat: It’s time to cut the judgment

I shaved my head last week. It was kind of an accident. I’ve had long hair my whole life. I’ve spent untold hours combing, washing, brushing, drying, styling and fretting over my hair. Now, it’s barely half an inch long. I had bleached my hair white-blonde several months ago and had
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