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‘The Office’ characters as campus buildings

If you ever find yourself procrastinating to the point where you’re reading this article, then you’re in for a good time. For those lovers of “The Office” out there, we at the Clog decided to compare campus buildings to characters on the show. Happy comparing! Creed Bratton as East Asian
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Puns: UC Berkeley buildings

While in class this week, we at the Clog have maybe halfway been paying attention to our professors. The rest of the time during lecture, we’ve been occupied thinking of highly important things such as building name puns! Here are some that we came up with for our favorite campus
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Calstrology: Building edition

Ever wondered what your UC Berkeley spirit building is? Find your birthday below and see which campus building you should look toward for guidance in the next few weeks. March 21 – April 20: Dwinelle Hall You are a mess. You are disorganized and chaotic. Take some time to make a
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The 7 nicest lecture halls on campus

You look at your schedule and you see Dwinelle or Evans as the location for your 2-hour-long lecture, already recalling the stuffiness and suffocating lighting of the room and wanting to fall asleep on the spot. If you’re sick and tired of feeling like this, schedule your classes in the
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The nonarchitect’s noncomprehensive selection of cool buildings on campus

Most of us here at the Clog aren’t architects (in fact, none of us are), but we know a good building when we see one. Just as one does not have to be a recognized food critic to know what a good sandwich tastes like (a good sandwich is just a good sandwich), quality is universally recognized. Sorry, this isn’t another succulent Eating Berkeley post, it’s really just us trying to flesh out what it means to enjoy some good architecture. Berkeley has some buildings that look downright elegant. But hey, we don’t make buildings over here at the Clog, so we’re going to do our best to explain the most appealing aesthetic elements of Berkeley’s buildings in non-architectural jargon.
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Off the beat: Under construction

This summer in Berkeley — like any summer in Berkeley — a slew of campus buildings will undergo renovation, retrofitting and construction. With fewer students on campus, these three months are an opportune time for Capital Projects, UC Berkeley’s construction management team, to complete many tasks that would otherwise impede
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