‘Black or pinto?’

I am now next in line and my heart is in my mouth. In the last 10 minutes I have scrutinized the menu multiple times, and I am still in doubt. My previous three meals have been in mid-air and the nearly 30-hour excursion from Delhi to Berkeley has left
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How to trick yourself into studying

For some people, there are times when it’s difficult to find the motivation to study. For other people, the motivation never even arrives. That’s why some of us need to invent ways to study without actually feeling like we’re studying, kind of like how Daniel-san learns karate just by waxing
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How to eat a 4-course meal in class

Now that Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, we at the Clog know you’re thinking about that upcoming multi-course meal. We know you’re craving pumpkin pies, mashed potatoes and turkey in every class every single day, so we want to help you out. We have determined a way that
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Celias veggie burrito 1

Best breakfast burritos on campus

It’s early in the morning. You have an extremely important 8 a.m. class with an iClicker and a quiz, yet you have no motivation to get out of bed. Have no fear, we’ve found the greatest motivation yet: breakfast burritos! Just the thought of these pillow-like, mouth-watering, savory concoctions will
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Chipotle offers free drinks for students throughout September

Lovers of fast food burritos rejoice, Chipotle will be quenching your thirst all throughout the month of September. Whether you’re a burrito or a bowl kind of person, we at the Clog are sure you’ll be able to agree that this is a worthwhile promotion. High school, college and graduate students just have to show their IDs when making an in-store food purchase to be eligible to receive the free drink. Note, however, that those delicious Izze sodas won’t be included in the free drink promotion, nor will other bottled juices and sodas. Fountain drinks and iced tea will have to suffice.
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Eatsa: food made by robots?

A few weeks ago, a groovy new food place opened up on Telegraph Avenue, right where Crepes-A-Go-Go used to be: Eatsa. Eatsa is an automat that specializes in serving customized quinoa bowls. No cash is accepted (only card). Whether you’re craving a kale salad, a burrito bowl or healthier Indian food,
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