Taxes, costly regulations wreak havoc on marijuana industry

As a longtime cannabis entrepreneur, I’m in a unique position to secure a California medical and adult-use retail license by Jan. 1. The dispensary I manage, Magnolia Wellness of Oakland, has been locally permitted since 2013. This is significantly before the cut-off date for expedited state application processing, and our
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How you, too, can become a corporate hotshot

Have you ever felt like a pariah while hanging out with your business-oriented friends? While you might have multiple theories as to why that happens, one plausible explanation is the language they choose to communicate with. Words spewed from their mouth have an almost mystical air of arrogance. To understand these words, you have to transcend your regular sphere of humanistic existence and enter the “visionary” realm of the corporate juggernaut.
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Ode to Joshuya

That free miso right when you sat down / Never made someone frown. / Even though the service could sometimes be slow, / All of Berkeley never failed to go.
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