Venture for America wants Cal graduates

UC Berkeley students are underrepresented among the VFA fellows, something Yang would like to see change. He believes there may be a misconception among students that startup work is exclusively for those studying computer science, engineering or business. Yang argues that, while most tech jobs do require a background in computer or data science, people with diverse interests and skill sets are being welcomed into the startup world.
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Slacker student reading trends for spring 2014

Welcome back to another beautiful semester at UC Berkeley, complete with overweight squirrels, bipolar weather and — most importantly (to our dismay) — endless piles of homework. Notable among said unpleasant piles is the impossible volume of reading we students are assigned, as if professors assume we have nothing better to
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Hopeful on homelessness

CITY AFFAIRS: It’s encouraging that community leaders are considering an ambitious proposal to fight homelessness, despite differences.

Given Mayor Tom Bates and the Berkeley business community’s complicated relationship with the city’s homeless population, Berkeley City Council’s decision to further consider building a new resource and housing center located in the Downtown area for the city’s homeless population is an encouraging development.
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“We want to see different students working together to accomplish a single goal,” said Haleemah Qureshi, co-founder of Ideas@Berkeley. “It doesn’t have to be one thing — it can be anything … People are intimidated by Berkeley, but the vastness of it also means a lot of opportunity.”

Campus offers supportive help for student startups

UC Berkeley ranked third in Crunchbase’s recent list of the top universities that churn out entrepreneurs. With its extensive resources, funding, startup programs and diverse student body, UC Berkeley is ideal for fostering the next generation of burgeoning pioneers. A startup doesn’t have to originate from a groundbreaking, globally oriented
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Valuing immigrants as entrepreneurs

New immigrant and refugee families are becoming a more prominent part of the fabric of our country’s society and economy. These individuals face great struggle and barriers upon their arrival to the United States and are forced to adapt to a culture that is completely foreign to them. One way
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UC Berkeley third-largest producer of entrepreneurs, report says

Steve Wozniak of Apple Inc., Gordon Moore of Intel Corp. and Tom Anderson of Myspace LLC are among the many UC Berkeley alumni who have founded successful corporations, and according to a recent report by open-source data analytics service CrunchBase, UC Berkeley is the third-largest producer of successful entrepreneurs. The
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Don’t mess with California

The Critic Who Counts

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is at it again. And this time he didn’t forget his lines. “Building a business is tough, but I hear building a business in California is next to impossible,” was Perry’s opening salvo in a radio ad that recently premiered on airwaves across the state. Perry
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