Buxter Hoot’n: BUXTER HOOT’N

Buxter Hoot'n Album Cover, courtesy sideways media
Sideways Media/Courtesy

With their self-titled album, the oddly-named Buxter Hoot’n have burst out of the finger-pluckin’ country-esque mold and have matured into a multifaceted style. Combining sensual melodies, screeching electric guitar solos, twangy harmonica and everything in between, the San Francisco group have evolved their sound to include electric swells and slow-building
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Interview with local band Buxter Hoot’n

With their recently released album, local group Buxter Hoot’n have explored musical stylings ranging from southern twang to soothing violin melodies. The SF group have been on the road as of late promoting their new self-titled release. Amidst the shows and gigs, the band had a chance to take a
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