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Light shed on a dark matter

Campus professor Geoffrey Marcy's resignation comes after concerns about sexual harassment in sciences

On Wednesday, in light of vehement public criticism of the campus’s response to the allegations, Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Claude Steele accepted campus professor Geoff Marcy’s resignation.
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How to step up your studying game

The Daily Californian commissioned me to come up with a few study pointers to help you acclimate. I’m here to assure you that you can reach your full potential, even as you transition into the exciting new world of psychology readers and Top Ramen.
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The profits of near perfection

Despite my bitter awareness of the newspaper’s downtrend, I thought I could trust my journalism professor to encourage, to console. But his realism didn’t sit well with me. The semester was sprinkled with statements addressing the sorry slump. But instead of trying to solace the worried students who dreamed of
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The cost of unpaid experience

I’m well aware of the cost-benefit risks in pursuing an “impractical” humanities degree … you know, all those click-bait headlines proclaiming the death of the bachelor’s degree and the countless tales of graduates not finding a job in this economy and resorting to working some dead-end job as a barista
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The best apps to download for college

As the No. 1 school for computer science majors and a meager 50-mile hop away from Silicon Valley, UC Berkeley students are known for their tech savvy. Even if you are terrified of the very concept of coding, today’s smartphone apps allow for even the average Joe on campus to
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