The best apps to download for college

As the No. 1 school for computer science majors and a meager 50-mile hop away from Silicon Valley, UC Berkeley students are known for their tech savvy. Even if you are terrified of the very concept of coding, today’s smartphone apps allow for even the average Joe on campus to
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Keep the ASUC election classy

CAMPUS ISSUES: Vicious personal attacks against CalSERVE presidential candidate Naweed Mohabbat were not the right way of voicing legitimate concerns about his character

The ASUC election took a turn for the nasty this week. Never in recent memory have elections been this negative, nor has the democratic process made the UC Berkeley student body look so bad. The week’s vitriol, mostly targeting CalSERVE members, began with legitimate concerns about ostensibly inconsistent statements presidential
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Don’t stay home if you’re broke

Hungry and Foolish

I have another list of sorts for you this week. I swear, truthfully, I’m not obsessed with the kind of frivolous listicles that saturate BuzzFeed and the interwebs nowadays (although sometimes I do find the most fitting GIFs I wish I could embed into my columns).
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Stop treating millennials like a punchline

Members of the millennial generation face unique challenges, and older Americans need to recognize this.

Whether it’s on the front pages of decaying media conglomerates or the stuff of “sharebait” BuzzFeed listicles, bashing — or at the very least poking fun at — millennials is “in.” In May, TIME columnist Joel Stein wrote a glitzy cover story about millennials, or, as the magazine referred to
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Lulu, the new app to rate and stalk hookups

So there’s this guy that you have a crush on. He seems dreamy, but how can you be sure? The new app, Lulu, allows women to rate and review their experiences with men, from hookups to hangouts. Want to find out if he’s a #manchild? You could spend time with him, but then
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