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A full day of eating using only meal points

As the number of days left in the fall semester dwindles down, many of us are realizing that the amount of cash left in our wallets is also getting dangerously low. On the contrary, our meal point balance may be just a bit too high, because let’s face it, dining
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Remembering names mid-semester

We’ve all been there: It’s the middle of semester, you’re sitting next to the person you’ve talked to in your math discussion for the last two months, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t remember their name for the life of you. We at the Clog understand how awkward
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Our 3 favorite coffee shops

Here at the Clog, we drink so much coffee that we’re surprised it hasn’t replaced the blood in our bodies. Feeling tired? Coffee. Midday slump? Coffee. Need to stay up to finish writing that paper? Coffee. Thirsty? Coffee. Hot out? Iced coffee. Freezing cold out? Hot coffee. Coffee, coffee and
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Why Pat Brown’s is the best cafe on campus

We all know the feeling — you have an hour between classes, and you have to choose which cafe to go to on campus, a truly difficult decision. Sometimes you have to choose based on location, or sometimes based on price, but most of the time you choose based on what
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Conspiracy theories about why Ramona’s closed

Last week, tragedy struck the UC Berkeley campus as bagels and sandwiches alike were wiped from the famous Ramona’s. Now, a walk past Kroeber Fountain won’t be filled with the smell of bread-crusted mac and cheese. There won’t be any more students pushing each other for a good spot in line. Apparently,
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