Resting Approachable Face

Off the Beat

Resting Approachable face can best be defined as a punum that makes a statement to the world declaring “Come talk to me, I would love to hear you life story, braid your hair, and prance around through the meadows with you”.
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Rachel Feder_online_2

Never this way again

There’s a feeling I’ve been trying to come to terms with since the fifth grade, when I moved across the country from Allentown, Pennsylvania, to the Bay Area. Even as a 10-year-old, I felt an acute understanding that things were ending. It’s a hard feeling to pinpoint or even explain
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The fear of mediocrity

I still remember every detail of the day I got my UC Berkeley acceptance letter — the happiness, the pride and, most vividly, the fear that I would not be good enough to survive here. It’s an ironic thing we feel here at UC Berkeley. Surrounded by some of the
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