Our 3 favorite coffee shops

Here at the Clog, we drink so much coffee that we’re surprised it hasn’t replaced the blood in our bodies. Feeling tired? Coffee. Midday slump? Coffee. Need to stay up to finish writing that paper? Coffee. Thirsty? Coffee. Hot out? Iced coffee. Freezing cold out? Hot coffee. Coffee, coffee and
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Ed-Psych Library

Are you living RRR Week to the fullest?

RRR Week itself is a strange concept for the college student to understand. It’s odd to not have to wake up for classes every day, and we’re not quite sure if we should be studying or not. The free time is almost too much for us. At some point, you
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Forget coffee: morning beverage replacements

As college students, we’re all addicted to caffeine. We need our morning cups of coffee in the morning, or we end up walking around pissed at the world because of our exhaustion and headaches. We often forget that there are plenty of other drinks that can wake us up in
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Graduation 2012

C’s get degrees: Achieving the exceptional average

You may have heard the infamous mantra, “C’s get degrees.” We usually hear these words directed at us preceded by, “Don’t worry,” when friends attempt to console us as we grieve over our GPA’s. Though we appreciate the assonance of the phrase, we at the Clog don’t find very much appeal in
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Ditch the cup and still get the caffeine

It’s 10 p.m. on a Wednesday night; your two textbooks and three readers are spread out in front of you — and you are in desperate need of caffeine. Unfortunately, you can’t handle a black, bitter cup of coffee right now, but how else are you going to stay awake?
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