turmeric latte

The real ‘gold’ in golden milk

For years, Indian homemakers have been offering their young ones a simple golden-hued drink, termed in Hindi as “haldi doodh.” This served as a simple technique to soothe even the harshest of throat aches, lessen body pain or aid in reducing fever. Today, cafes across the globe are taking this
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Do you have Bear Fever?

There’s a strange epidemic striking many Cal Bears right now. They’ve been breathing heavier, sweating more and are seeming rather lethargic. Why? As temperatures rise in their places of origin, Bears who finally acclimated to their Bay Area environment must adapt yet again to warmer weather. While this phenomenon has
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Letter: May 27 – June 3

Cal alumnus and football star running back Chuck Muncie died recently at age 60 from a heart condition. Essentially all of the national media coverage of this story has conflated his seemingly early death with his use of cocaine many years earlier. So far, perhaps none of the media coverage
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Spectator's view of Cal vs. Stanford on Wednesday night

Why is the “Big Game” not a big game?

College football is a tradition that many Cal students look forward to when they arrive at a Division-1 school. There’s something exhilarating about cramming into Memorial Stadium’s student section with hundreds of other fans and shouting “Go” — while the alumni answer back with “Bears” — at the top of your
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