Homecoming 2011 Feature Photos: Zach Maynard, Isi Sofele, Sean C

Points and Shoot: Photo of the Week (Week 5)

Posing during their Gameday photo shoot, Sean Cattouse, Zach Maynard and Isi Sofele do not look to be on the same page. Sean is trying to act tough and Isi is smiling about something. No idea what Zach is doing.


Pac-12 Power Rankings: Week 5

NORTH DIVISON No. 1: Stanford (4-0, 2-0) The Cardinal are still sitting pretty at the top of the Pac-12 with a spotless record, and Andrew Luck has gotten so bored playing quarterback that he spotted at wideout in a 45-19 win over UCLA. Even after losing linebacker Shayne Skov for the season,
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Cal vs. Oregon at Memorial Stadium. Cal lost 13-15.

Heartbreak City

The setting: Memorial Stadium, Nov. 13, 2010. The game: No. 1 Oregon squeaks by Cal, 15-13. The legacy: The sports staff shares its memories.

On the evening of Nov. 13, 2010, Giorgio Tavecchio lined up 24 yards away from the uprights. Knock through three points, and the Bears would have a 16-15 fourth-quarter lead. Tavecchio had a shaky reputation as it was, but surely, he’d nail this chip shot. But he jumped too early, and the
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Cal and Washington swapped places in this week's Power Rankings after their thrilling matchup on Saturday.

Pac-12 Power Rankings: Week 4

NORTH DIVISION No. 1: Stanford (3-0, 1-0) The Cardinal did not have a game this week. But since the squad is still undefeated and Andrew Luck is still the quarterback, Stanford nonetheless tops the power rankings. The team faces the daunting challenge of UCLA this weekend. — Jonathan Kuperberg No.
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Football vs. Washington

Player of the Week: Keenan Allen

After an injury-plagued freshman campaign, Keenan Allen is finally showing why he was a five-star recruit — and is turning into one of the best receivers, and players, in the country.


Change we can (maybe) believe in

I was pretty frustrated after watching the Cal football team lose to Washington on Saturday. Initially, it just seemed like the same old story for the Bears: they put themselves in a position to win a key game, and ultimately came up empty. The loss brought back plenty of unkind
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Bears, businesses score with return of Touchdown Mondays

After Cal football’s Sept. 17 victory over Presbyterian College, Jeff Tedford — now the winningest coach in Cal football history following his 75th win — was not the only one with something to celebrate. Students received a record-breaking 30 percent discount last Monday at the Cal Student Store as part
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Cal defense disappoints after stellar 2010

Down 31-23 with one drive left, Jeff Tedford made the sort of call no one could have imagined him making just a year ago — he went for it on fourth down. And this was a risky one, a fourth-and-3 with Cal pinned on its own 20. There were about
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