What UC Berkeley students need

Before heading off to college, you probably Googled something along the lines of “what do I need to bring to college?” As helpful as the suggestions for a desk lamp or even an electric blanket might be, we at the Clog feel that us Berkeley students need a couple of other things that the lists don’t often mention.
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Finals in, Cal gear on

For those who don’t enjoy the convenience of living in the Bay Area, the TSA line at SFO or Oakland airport on the way home from break can seem like a bookstore catalog for the latest Cal gear. It seems to us that this sudden influx of Golden Bear spirit after the stress of finals is no coincidence. Once finals are turned in and the spring semester has come to a close, it suddenly becomes a lot more appealing to wear Cal gear.
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Doe Library

Reasons why we’re counting down to break

Thanksgiving break gave us a tiny taste of what winter break will be like, and now we’re anticipating the end of finals like never before. The thought of winter break is sweeter than the pumpkin pie you had last week. Here are some winter break things we’re daydreaming about in the
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