19 Cal swimmers look to make a splash in Rio

With 26 individual events, six relays and 19 Cal swimmers at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, there’s a lot to keep up with. Here are several of the most interesting races to watch: Women’s 100-meter butterfly This event will feature three Bears: Egypt’s Farida Osman, Canada’s Noemie Thomas and the
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Proposed aquatics center aids campus

New aquatics center will not be funded by student tuition

Last summer, Intercollegiate Athletics presented to the campus Capital Projects Committee a proposal for a new donor-financed aquatics center. After completing their standard review process, the faculty and administrators on the committee approved construction on the parking lot adjacent to the Tang Center. The reasons for approval were clear cut:
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Bear legends: Matt Biondi

Success often gets into athlete’s heads. It tends to confuse their priorities, to the point where they can’t enjoy the important things. They turn into egomaniacs with power and money, and they often misuse the gifts they’ve been given. Think Oscar Pistorius, Michael Phelps, Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong and a whole
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Look past the pigskin and the hardwood court

News flash: People care about football and basketball teams more than other Cal sports! Until Ivan Rackov becomes a household name like Aaron Rodgers, that’s not going to change. Tens of thousands will flock to Memorial Stadium on Saturday afternoons, Haas Pavilion will host thousands more throughout the winter, and
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Bridge over troubled water

Compared to the rest of Cal’s aquatics programs, the diving team is far from a powerhouse. But the tide could turn in the team’s favor in the future.

In the closed confines of Berkeley’s Spieker Aquatics Center, a board on its north wall has immortalized the name of every aquatic athlete to represent the university at the Olympic level. In polished gold script on separate dark stones, the monument to the Bears’ aquatic prowess boldly stands just feet
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