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4 schools that have it worse than Tele-BEARS

It’s Tele-BEARS season! And that means you, fellow Cal student, are entitled to all the joys of missed appointments, incomprehensible wait lists and punched-out computer screens. But no matter how frustrating Tele-BEARS can be, just remember that somebody somewhere always has it worse than you do. 1. San Jose State
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Recognizing racism, but making progress

Earlier this week, Daily Cal writer Josh Escobar bravely addressed the issues of racism being faced by our Cal community. The Berkeley Student Cooperative wants to formally apologize for the inappropriate racial comments and atmosphere he experienced in our cooperative community. Escobar is correct that racism still exists in Berkeley.
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The 3 best cars for Berkeley

Walking sucks. Sure, you get some exercise, but you’re constantly tired out and never on time. So, for those of you who have decided to take the plunge and bring a car to Cal, we at the Clog would like to recommend some of the best. When it comes to
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Quiz: Which famous person attended Cal? (Part 2)

So, you’ve proven that you know your famous Golden Bears pretty well. But there are more! Not only have Cal alums ended up on the big screen, but they’ve also been exercising influence through well-established magazines and nationally beloved comic strips. Do you think you can easily pick out the
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Quiz: Which celebrity went to Cal?

Are you a trivia aficionado? If so, you probably know that UC Berkeley’s got some pretty big names attached to it — Nobel laureates, best-selling authors, hard-hitting journalists … and good ol’ fashioned celebrities. Curious to know how much you know about the alum who found his or her way
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5 pet peeves of the average Cal student

If you go to Cal or went to Cal, there are definitely situations that you have experienced that grind your gears. When you try to explain these things to people who do not go to Cal, they may find your complaints to be very trivial. And although they are very
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40 more signs you went to UC Berkeley

Cal alumni Louis Peitzman — a former arts and entertainment editor and a former Sex on Tuesday columnist at The Daily Californian — and Ariane Lange of Buzzfeed fame teamed up recently to create this love letter to Cal. It went viral. In The Daily Clog’s debut use of GIFs, we have
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5 reasons Cal might be the easiest time of your life

So you’re at the No. 1 public university in the country. Living up to the prestige of our cherished school is probably the most difficult experience you’ve ever had in your life. But despite all the stress — the early morning classes and late night paper-writing — college is a wonderful time,
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