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Safe, Sane and Consensual

A gray-brown Taiwanese macaque screeched. Then a human. I turned to see a monkey loping after a student who stabbed backward through the air with her red polka-dot umbrella. She hugged a plastic bag of food to her chest like she was holding an infant. Finally, the macaque retreated. Welcome
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Photo essay: Appreciating the little things

Whether it’s strolling through Sather Gate, sprinting to Kroeber Hall, dancing through Memorial Glade or drunkenly stumbling down to Southside, the rhythm of my footsteps has created a Berkeley heartbeat. Walking onto campus for the first time during my senior year of high school, my heart was fluttering, unsure of
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What to put in which recycling bin

Here at UC Berkeley, we care a lot about the environment (we have nine majors with the word “environment” in them), so it’s obvious that recycling would be a widespread practice on campus. However, recycling ain’t what it used to be, kids. The act of recycling waste can involve breaking apart
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Bearents: Cal parent text messages are gold

If you’ve been on the Internet, by now you’ve hopefully seen the infamous text messages that people get from their parents. If you’re a college student, especially at UC Berkeley, you’ve probably received or at least witnessed someone receiving strange text messages from his or her parents. So we at
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A Harvard parody: 15 ‘hottest’ freshmen

Harvard sucks, but when they release their annual list of “Fifteen Hottest Freshmen” — a somewhat degrading and slightly arbitrary list of 15 people deemed attractive — we hate them a little more. So the Clog — realizing that everyone at Cal is hot — profiled 15 random freshmen. We
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Cal alumna and former Raiders CEO speaks on career

An interview with the former CEO of the Oakland Raiders

Amy Trask graduated UC Berkeley in 1982 and went on to become the CEO of the Oakland Raiders in 1979. At the time, Trask was considered one of the most powerful women in sports. She stepped down in 2011 and spent this past season as a CBS Sports Analyst.
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The Clog’s guide to the most relaxing spots on campus

With midterm season slowly creeping in, its really easy to get burned out and overstressed. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to slow down and remember to actually breathe. With that goal in mind, we invite you try these relaxing places on campus when you’re feeling under the weather. Because punching
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