40 more signs you went to UC Berkeley

Cal alumni Louis Peitzman — a former arts and entertainment editor and a former Sex on Tuesday columnist at The Daily Californian — and Ariane Lange of Buzzfeed fame teamed up recently to create this love letter to Cal. It went viral. In The Daily Clog’s debut use of GIFs, we have
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5 reasons Cal might be the easiest time of your life

So you’re at the No. 1 public university in the country. Living up to the prestige of our cherished school is probably the most difficult experience you’ve ever had in your life. But despite all the stress — the early morning classes and late night paper-writing — college is a wonderful time,
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That awkward moment when your sibling is a Bruin

Just like you and your sibling, UC Berkeley and UCLA have an interesting relationship. This particular UC campus definitely took after its big-sister school. But what can be more awkward than this relationship between sibling schools? Conversations with a sibling who attends the sibling school. Here at the Clog, we
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CREAM expands to Stanford

Breaking news: More Bay Area locals will now be able to experience the sweet goodness that is a CREAM sandwich. CREAM, arguably a grand favorite of Berkeley and East Bay residents, will soon branch out and open another shop. While we applaud the expansion of our favorite supplier of sugary
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Our CalSO memories, Clog style

The Cal Student Orientation is your first impression of the incredible smarts and urban eccentricity that is Berkeley. We at the Clog sure haven’t forgotten our own CalSO experiences. If you’ve already had your CalSO years and years ago, we hope you’ll find something you can relate to in our
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Pros and cons of biking at Cal

When it comes to bikes, our campus seems to be divided. An unspoken rivalry hangs in the air between the bikers and the walkers … the bikers just want the walkers out of the way and the walkers just don’t want to be run over. This week, our great university
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5 reasons we think everyone should attend Cal

Do you remember your first time at Cal? We’re assuming you walked through the craziness of Sproul, roamed around the beautifully aged buildings on campus, tried the “famous” food places like C.R.E.A.M. and Cheeseboard … or all of the above. It’s time to take a trip down memory lane to
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