UC Berkeley chemistry professor makes medical history

Earlier this week, Cal chemistry professor Jay Keasling made medical history after the development of a new antimalarial drug production technique, aimed at saving the millions of people who contract the disease in developing countries all over the world. His 12 year’s worth of findings — including his breakthrough discovery about
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Aisha Kingongo is one of the seven students from Africa who receives a full-ride scholarship to UC Berkeley courtesy of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. The program aims to boost the enrollment of African students at UC Berkeley.

Cal recruits new students from Africa

Our admissions office goes to great lengths to introduce new faces to the Berkeley scene, but we at the Clog didn’t realize just how far away they really go! Lin Larson, an undergrad admissions officer, goes more than 8,000 miles, actually. Lin is planning to go back to Zimbabwe after a
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Overlooking Anza

Travel Tuesday: Berkeley’s unlikely oasis

It was during one of those sweltering September heat waves that the Clog discovered the magic of Lake Anza. You know, those scorching weeks that make you doubt everything you’ve learned about Berkeley? Like, if the specific heat of water is so high, why isn’t the bay cooling you down?
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Cal women’s basketball team turned video stars

As if they weren’t having a busy enough week, the Lady Bears took time to recreate their own version of Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” while on the road for their next game. Not only are these women totally owning in their respective sport, but they also seem to have hidden
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ID List

We Spy: Stanford invading Main Stacks

The other day, we discovered a horrifying detail at the entrance to Moffitt. Stanford students can used their student IDs to enter our libraries and even check out our books. Clearly we were horrified by this brazen breach in security and went in search for answers to this seemingly obvious
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5 ways to ‘get low’ at Berkeley Dance Marathon

When you hear that word “marathon,” there are probably an assortment of images that run through your head. You might be thinking of a grueling 26.2-mile run that makes you want to hug the toilet for the rest of the week. Or you could be thinking of a movie marathon,
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Free Stuff

Thursday app of the week: Office 365

Name: Microsoft Office 365 Platform(s): Windows, OSX, The Internet Price: Free Mission: Make Office files sync everywhere and more This week’s app would be completely boring if it was not for the fact that it’s now (kinda) free for people with a @edu email address. As a student you’ll get
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Making the cut: bold hair at Cal

Here at Berkeley, it’s hardly a surprise to see a girl with a rainbow mohawk among your classmates. Or a guy rocking a gelled-up “Macklemore” cut. Or a head adorned with dreads lounging on Memorial Glade. As we constantly shift among majors, living situations, friend groups and activities at Cal,
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