A day in the life of a UC Berkeley squirrel

6:35 a.m.: The light pokes into my nest, signaling the start of a new day of swindling freshmen and tourists into splitting their bagels with me. As I scamper down the tall redwood I call home, I spy one of my good friends, a raccoon, perched atop a trashcan outside of
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Back to school must-haves for this semester?

After buying your new Cal hoodie, you may think that you’ve already gotten everything you need to start this semester off right. Well, we at the Clog are telling you that you thought wrong. Your backpack still lacks junk that you probably don’t need, but you should carry just in
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UC Berkeley guide to back to school

As summer comes to a close, the back-to-school jitters seem to be creeping in on all of us. Whether you’ll be coming to UC Berkeley for the very first time or for your last semester, we at The Daily Clog have some tips and secrets to get you into full
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