Game day survival pack

For some of us, our first Game Day experience occurred when we were too young to remember anything but feeling like the tallest person at California Memorial Stadium. On the shoulders of a parent or tossed into the air like a Hail Mary, we felt our brief moment of levity synchronized
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Mistakes you are bound to make at UC Berkeley

As poorly put together as your life may be, some situations make your life seem like an even hotter mess. Here are some mistakes that you have probably made as a student here, and if you haven’t, hopefully this list will help you avoid them. Accidentally walking away with towels
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Annie Chang/Staff

How to make the most out of the rest of Calapalooza

School has just started, and whether you are a new or returning student, you might have noticed the influx of people tabling for their respective clubs and organizations yesterday. If you haven’t noticed, you should probably get your eyes checked. Bleary-eyed and late for class, you really didn’t have enough
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8 UC Berkeley resources freshmen should use

So you’re a smart UC Berkeley freshman who’s ready to make the most out of your college experience, but what things should you do during your first year? UC Berkeley is a huge school, and sometimes it’s hard to know which resources to take advantage of, but the Daily Clog
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Calapalooza 2013 in photos

As UC Berkeley kicks into high gear with the fall semester, we at the Daily Clog took a look at the best moments from Calapalooza, Berkeley’s annual student fair. Hosted by the LEAD center, Cal’s biggest day for student organizations and clubs featured almost 400 groups tabling from the intersection of
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UC Berkeley Bingo: first day of class edition

Well, Bears, the day has finally come. It’s the first day of instruction. Whether you’re super excited about your classes or just fulfilling a breadth requirement, most of us can agree that the first lecture of any class is pretty dry. While your section goes around playing two truths and a lie,
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