Better than your own kin did

Rosemarie Alejandro_online

I went to CalSO less than a month after Kanye West dropped Yeezus. At one point, I found myself stuck behind a modestly sized group of tall guys who had started chatting about the album. I scurried behind them so that I could be within earshot and enthusiastically said, “Hey!
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If you missed Calapalooza, read this

If you missed Calapalooza this year, fear not. We at the Clog are here to help you sift through the countless clubs and organizations Cal has to offer. Do you already bleed blue and gold? Did you make friends with Oski at orientation? Maybe spirit groups are your thing! Or perhaps you love
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Best of Berkeley: Best of Campus

Best Place to Party: Frat Row Love it: I ought to preface this with the warning that I was the only person willing to take this case. That’s right, Frat Row. In an office of more than 200 capable writers, I am your only proponent. But you know what? I truly don’t
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