State officials encourage undocumented students to apply for Dream Act

Facing a new national political climate, California education leaders are now urging the state’s undocumented students to apply for the California Dream Act, a financial aid program that provides scholarships for undocumented students attending state universities, which is seeing a significant decrease in application numbers.
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Birgeneau Press Conference

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau

CAMPUS ISSUES: As UC Berkeley prepares to welcome a new chancellor, students should respect the legacy that Chancellor Birgeneau leaves behind.

During Robert Birgeneau’s nearly nine years as the chancellor of UC Berkeley, he led the campus as it weathered an unprecedented challenge. While the state slashed hundreds of millions of dollars from the University of California’s budget, he fought to maintain the quality of education at this institution against all
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Undocumented and out of the shadows

Undocumented students deserve the chance to reach their potential

I feel a gripping anxiety  revealing that I am undocumented, even to those who are closest to me. It was a huge dilemma when my adviser Meng So asked me to participate in the making of the Youtube video “Terrence’s Chalkboard Talk,” which is a two-minute clip explaining the economic
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Supporting the DREAMers

CAMPUS ISSUES: UC Berkeley’s new undocumented student program coordinator, Meng So, is a welcome and hopeful addition to the campus.

Despite seemingly insurmountable odds due to his status as an illegal immigrant, Jose Antonio Vargas developed a successful career as a journalist and immigration activist. Vargas moved to the Bay Area from the Philippines when he was a child, unaware that he was undocumented, and drew national attention when he
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